Breathable waist wader

light system wader

Fishing jacket


Advice to new hunters

“Develop a relationship with a hunter that is consistently successful at harvesting game and learn as much as you can from them.”  

- Tristan Persico, experienced hunter of 10+ years

“Find a mentor, do new and uncomfortable things, and make mistakes so you can learn from them. Becoming an experienced hunter is simple. Get experience. That means you will fail, make mistakes and be frustrated, but those are essentials to learning. Having a successful hunter to help guide you is a huge asset as well.”

- Lindsay Persico, HuntFiber blog

Wading Pants

Fishing pants

Matt Wesley

“.All in all, I really loved these pants. They really had everything you want: Durable, lightweight but warm, versatile storage, and adjustable pant legs, and most of all waterproof!”

Matt Wesley

"The pants have both a zip-down and expandable bottom portion to accommodate any style or size of boot you wear

I'm pretty rough with my gear, so I treated these no differently. I crawled through rocks, stick, and mud... and found pathways through some dense thorn bushes. They still held up really well, and what's even better is that they didn't get any burrs attached to them, and I didn't get poked by any of the thorns.


Garret Fleming

"These pants are the perfect addition to breathable and waterproof jacket, the perfect lightweight waterproof combo for up here in the mountains."

8Fans, more than adventure

Founded by a group of outdoor fans, we share the same emotional tie that you have for nature and for
adventures. We believe that adventure is not just about the excitement in fifishing or hunting, but it can be
more meaningful and memorable with the joy that comes from sharing the experience with others.
That’s why for more than 10 years, we have devoted our passion to producing and developing the most
convenient premium quality outdoor adventure apparel for all adventure fans in all ages.
By enabling and encouraging everyone to go outdoors, we hope every adventurous soul can enjoy the
inspirations from nature, to build a stronger bond with families, friends and other people with same


These waders are amazing. I usually spend three times the price on waders and these 8 Fans ones are twice as good! They are made with nicer feeling materials, the zippers are actually waterproof. I even fell about 4.5 feet off of a rock face in them and only had a small hole that was easily repaired with the repair kit that comes with the waders!


I have worn the Rubber Duck Bean boots for a few weeks now and absolutely love them. They are lightweight yet warm, waterproof and comfortable. I do a lot of fishing in the cold/wet spring months so I need boots to keep my feet dry and warm. These boots did the trick. Not to mention they are super cute. I absolutely recommend them to all females who enjoy the outdoors! Customer service is also impeccable! Received them quickly!

Christina Robinson

One of the best pants that you can wear under water especially if you are fly fishing. You can get into water as deep as you want with full comfort .


These waders are well put together. They are light weight, durable and comfortable. I can move freely and dry in these waders. It's really hard to find a pair of waders with this quality for such a low price. 5 stars in my book!



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